This garden infrared cabin was named after Eir, the Goddess of healing and it will help you to refresh your energies and to feel vibrant. It is characterised by contemporary Scandinavian design and offers everything that a modern outdoor infrared cabin should, including high-tech technology and strong thermal insulation for low energy-loss. INUA Eir offers a completely balanced atmosphere, comfortably supported by the use of high-quality infrared technology.


  • Spacious outdoor infrared cabin designed for six persons.
  • Size: 280cm x 280cm x 240cm.
  • Benches in organic design made out of Finnish aspen.
  • 10 Dr. Fischer VITAE infrared halogen lamps with ergonomically shaped backrests.
  • Harvia Xenio control unit with a touch control panel.
  • Thermal insulation and hardiness for every season.
  • Outside panelling: Tyrolean thermo-spruce.
  • Inside panelling: Finnish trembling aspen.
  • Customisation in design and functionality is possible.
  • Installation is carried out by our trained staff.


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