Control Units

HUUM Control Unit


Huum’s mobile app with the innovative control console Uku will change the way you heat your sauna forever.

Imagine yourself out sporting or having a long day at the office. A few taps on the Huum mobile app and the sauna will be warm when you get home. The control console Uku will combine ease of use and safety. The stylish console is easy and comfortable to use already at the first time. In addition, it is equipped with child safety lock, door sensor and overheating protection.

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TULIKIVI Control Unit


The easy-to-use and simple Tulikivi Touch Screen heater control unit has a touchscreen and can be installed in both dry and wet spaces and in the sauna room. With the control unit, the sauna room temperature can be adjusted precisely to your preference, helping save energy, too. The heater control also has a special feature for setting the temperature within the sauna-stone container.



HARVIA Control Unit


The control panel of the Xenio control unit provides a modern and subtly stylish interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, be it a traditional electric heater, Combi heater with a steamer or infrared radiator. The compact yet clear touch control panel can be surface-mounted in almost any space – sauna room, bathroom, dressing room, or even the living room. The control panel shows you when the sauna is at the right temperature for bathing.


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