Timeless therapeutic methods from INUA

Today, many ancient therapies continue to impress with a vast array of remarkable health benefits. The therapies used in our INUA saunas, infrared cabins, vitariums and salt cabins have been around for thousands of years. Medicine is rapidly evolving: new drugs, new devices and new techniques are constantly introduced to improve our health. And yet, despite these many innovative advances, there are some mainstays of modern medicine that have withstood the test of time.

Heat therapy, salt therapy, light and colour therapy, acoustic therapy, aroma therapy and herbal therapy were developed thousands of years ago and have been rediscovered, confirmed and improved by natural sciences and medicine. Today with the help of new technologies these therapies can be integrated into our INUA products.

If you want to dive into this topic and find out where your INUA cabins originate from and if you are interested in ancient therapeutic concepts that are underlying our modern technologies, you will find the following articles very useful and entertaining:

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