Feel the music you hear! 


Connect to your smartphone, your computer, lap-top or touch-pad with the WHD Bluetooth receiver and Exciters and enjoy your favorite music through the invisible vibrational sound system integrated into your INUA sauna, infrared cabin, vitarium or salt cabin.

The exciters / body sound transducers turn every hard surface such as wood, glass or metal into vibrancy body in order to provide you with an amazing music sound experience.


“Whole Body Listening”


With the vibrational sound system of WHD integrated to your INUA cabins, not only your environment, but you yourself become a vibrancy body – the music will resonate through you. To feel the healing frequencies of sound and music is a natural, mindfulness based stress reducing experience. To enhance your relaxation, we recommend music which is uplifting for your body, mind and spirit. Under following links, you can download soundtracks and albums that provide comprehensive stress-management and deep relaxation:




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