6 Sep.

Light Therapy Against Seasonal Depression

Nowadays, light therapy is the primary method of treating seasonal depression. Have you ever heard about it?

There are two types of people. There are the ones who by hearing the word „autumn” think about colourful leaves, tasty pumpkin, warm clothes, and being at home. Others associate autumn with gray cloudy weather, shorter days, uncomfortable and layered clothing, and the approaching frosty winter. If we prefer the latter one, we can easily suffer from seasonal depression. However, there is no need to worry; light therapy is one of the most efficient ways to overcome this.

6 Sep.

Health inside and out

Using a salt cabin regularly has a beneficial effect on your health.

Nowadays, more and more children are suffering from asthma, eczema or are allergic to something and it’s very frequent that they can’t even grow out these problems. The appropriate medical treatment is a key point in case of these complaints, but salt therapy is a very effective solution as supplementary treatment.

5 Aug.

Ancient herbs and modern saunas

herbs 3

Ancient herbs and modern saunas Having regular sauna sessions or steam baths have numerous beneficial effects according to several studies. The healing power of certain plants plays a significant role in the folk tradition all over the world. These two are able to maintain or even improve our physical and mental health. Have you ever

29 Jul.

Wish to live longer? Install a home sauna!

Have you ever dreamed of living happily ever after? To preserve your health and start ageing later? We have good news: saunas provide a pleasant and gentle way to naturally boost longevity. Install a cabin in your home, and live happily – well, longer! Design saunas are at your command and they are no luxury anymore.

25 Jul.

Saunas and juice cleanses

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about juice cleanses. In the past few years juice cleanses became very popular, and if you’re up for a little challenge, you should try it too! There are many different variations of the juice cleanse. Some people substitute only one meal a day with juices or smoothies, others

22 Jul.

Fighting cellulite with infrared lights

Despite often being seen as an illness or a medical condition, cellulite is not dangerous, nor is it harmful – so we’ve got no real reason to be afraid of it. 90% of women experience having cellulite at least once throughout their lifetime, regardless of age, weight, fitness level and overall health. Though cellulite holds

18 Jul.

Saunas for beautiful hair

Did you know that your body is perfectly capable of caring for your hair on its own? If you are leading an overall healthy lifestyle with clean eating, regular exercise and proper hydration, you could probably ditch a few of your hair care products. However, there’s one surprising thing you should definitely incorporate into your hair care

22 Jun.

Sauna – the easiest way to detox

As a dark side of our modern, urban way of life, we are constantly exposed to harmful environmental elements, such as smog and chemicals, proven to mercilessly damage our overall health.  This makes it crucial to cleanse your body and get rid of the toxins stored in your system. One way to do this is

20 Jun.

Fresh and healthy skin – the skincare benefits of saunas

Most people take a Finnish sauna or a steam bath to heal and charge up their body and soul or to prevent diseases but these little hot cabins serve as a complex skincare program as well. Treat and cure yourself in a private sauna in the sanctuary of your own home or in the peace

1 Feb.

How Sauna Sessions May Boost Your Endurance

If you are an athlete, the benefits of increased endurance are obvious, but actually everyone can benefit, as your level endurance serves as a gauge for many aspects of overall health, including your hearts health. Exercise, especially when done at high intensity increases your core temperature at each session and is one way to build

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