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OUR COMPANY – INUA’s founder, Roland Csanádi and his team have more than fourteen years experience in the European sauna industry. Today, we are proud to be a family business, manufacturing hand-crafted, high-standard wellness facilities.

Each piece is unique, ethically produced and ecologically sound. Our INUA products are available in Germany, Switzerland and in Denmark. Health and fitness studios are just as much our customers as private clients who require custom made solutions in their homes and holiday retreats.

OUR PRODUCTS – Our product range includes saunas, infrared cabins, steam saunas, salt cabins and combined therapeutic wellness facilities to the needs and personal vision of our customers. To make sure we always provide cutting-edge technology, we closely monitor the market and investigate the most current medical research studies. Our aim is to offer the most advanced and contemporary products.

Currently we are launching our new INUA design line that merges Scandinavian simplicity and organic shapes with the unique synergy of complementary therapeutic technologies.





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