INUA Baldur

This garden vitarium was named after Baldur, the God of beauty, peace, harmony and rebirth. It successfully brings together two wellness rituals: sauna and infrared sauna. INUA Baldur has been designed with the utmost in comfort for greater relaxation and stress-reduction. Our cabin gives a very exclusive feeling with a huge panorama window. It lets light in and transcends the boundaries between the sauna and your garden. Our vitarium will help you to relax in your own home spa and enjoy the therapy that suits your mood.


  • The completely new wellness experience for your own garden that meets the needs of the whole family. It is designed for four persons.
  • Combined cabin: sauna + infra.
  • Cabin size: 250cm x 250cm x 240cm.
  • 10 Dr. Fischer VITAE infrared halogen lamps with ergonomically shaped backrests.
  • Harvia Virta electric sauna heater for home use.
  • Harvia Xenio control unit with a touch control panel.
  • Thermal insulation and hardiness for every season.
  • Outside panelling: Tyrolean thermo-spruce.
  • Inside panelling: Finnish trembling aspen.
  • Customisation in design and functionality is possible.
  • Installation is carried out by our trained staff.


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