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1. longevity

Sauna use linked to longer life, fewer fatal heart problems

A very recent study (April 2015) was published in the Journal JAMA Internal Medicine, which showed that sauna use was in fact associated with longevity. The study recruited over 2000 middle­aged men in Finland and compared frequency of sauna use with sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, fatal cardiovascular disease, and all­cause mortality including cancer over the course of 20 years.

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Effects of sauna on cardiovascular and lifestyle-related diseases

Sauna can be regarded as therapeutic option in patients with systemic arterial hypertension or cardiac failure and as prevention method against diseases related to endothelial dysfunction.

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Sauna bathing: a warm heart proves beneficial

Commonly, cardiologists have concerns about exposing heart patients to the heat present in a sauna. In particular, sauna bathing leads to a significant increase in heart rate and reduction in total vascular resistance, thereby decreasing blood pressure.

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How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity

This report explains mechanisms by which frequent sauna use may increase longevity by staving off age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. A recent study that found that using the sauna 2-3 times per week was associated with 24% lower all-cause mortality and 4-7 times per week decreased all-cause mortality by 40%. This report covers in-depth mechanisms that could be responsible for the effect on longevity including increased production of heat shock proteins (hsps), which are activated by heat stress.

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5 Endurance

Hyperthermic Conditioning for Hypertrophy, Endurance, and Neurogenesis

Dr. Rhonda Patrick discusses how conditioning the body to heat stress through sauna use, called “hyperthermic conditioning” causes adaptations that increase athletic endurance (by increasing plasma volume and blood flow to heart and muscles) and muscle mass (by boosting levels of heat shock proteins and growth hormone). She also discusses the profound effects of hyperthermic conditioning on the brain including cognitive function.

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Effect of regular sauna on epidermal barrier function and stratum corneum water-holding capacity in vivo in humans: a controlled study.

During the last few years, sauna has become the epitome of wellness. Besides studies in general medicine evaluating the health benefit of sauna, e.g. on the cardiovascular system, no systematic study regarding skin physiology has been published. The present exploratory study was intended to analyse the effect of regular Finnish sauna on skin physiology.

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Belly girl against a brick wall.

Blood, urine, and sweat (BUS) study: monitoring and elimination of bioaccumulated toxic elements.

There is limited understanding of the toxicokinetics of bioaccumulated toxic elements and their methods of excretion from the human body. This study was designed to assess the concentration of various toxic elements in three body fluids: blood, urine and sweat.

Induced sweating appears to be a potential method for elimination of many toxic elements from the human body.

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The Sauna – Studies of Sauna Treatment and Physiology

This paper provides of an overview of the use of the therapeutic benefits of infrared sauna radiation and human health. It provides of brief discussion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the biophysics of heating and heating agents and the use of sauna therapy and specifically infrared radiation saunas.

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9. copy

Research on Far Infrared Rays by Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein

The segment of the infrared spectrum emitted by an infrared sauna is reputed to offer an astounding range of possible therapeutic benefits and effects in research conducted around the world.

However, the data presented in this article is offered for reference purposes only and to stimulate further observation. If you have a disease, be sure to consult with a primary-care physician concerning it.

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Effects of NASA Light Emitting Diode Irradiation on Wound Healing

The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) and near-infrared light therapy on wound healing. The authors of the article believe that the use of NASA LED for light therapy alone, and in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen, will greatly enhance the natural wound healing process, and more quickly return the patient to a preinjury/illness level of activity. This work is supported and managed through the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center-SBIR Program.

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