This indoor salt cabin was named after Thor, the well-known God of the Norse mythology, who is a hammer-wielding God associated mostly with thunder, lightning and storms. He is the protector of mankind who is also representing strength, healing and fertility. Our salt cabin is inspired by the beauty of an ancient rock salt cave and is equipped with a state of the art ultrasonic brine nebuliser. Inhaling brine noticeably boost the respiratory system’s natural self-purification and it might alleviate respiratory diseases and also skin conditions. Enjoy the brine treatment in a relaxed atmosphere, by the soothing light of rock salt and breath deeply in the pure salty air.


  • The salt cabin is a compact salt room excellent for business and home use.
  • Size: 220cm x 220cm x 210cm
  • Portable modular system built of rock salt panels.
  • Rock salt brick walls.
  • 2 ergonomically shaped relax-chairs .
  • Accommodates 2 people.
  • Structure made of natural wood.
  • Collaxx Ultrasonic Brine Nebuliser.
  • The salt cabins floor can be covered by white rock salt or with wood panelling.
  • Customisation in design and seating arrangements is possible.
  • Installation is carried out by our trained staff.

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