This indoor infrared cabin was named after Sól, the Goddess of Sun, because it features a beautifully constructed rock salt wall which reminds of a colourful, relaxing sunset. INUA Sól is a sophisticated, high quality wellness solution for the home with ingenious and space saving design. Through its glass front it opens up the boundaries between the cabin and the bathroom. It offers a completely balanced atmosphere, comfortably supported by the use of high quality technology.


  • Spacious indoor infrared cabin designed for two persons.
  • Size: 220cm x 220cm x 210cm.
  • 6 Dr. Fischer VITAE infrared halogen lamps.
  • Harvia Xenio control unit with a touch control panel.
  • Rock salt wall.
  • Outside and inside panelling: Finnish trembling aspen wainscot.
  • Customisation in design and functionality is possible.
  • Installation is carried out by our trained staff.

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