INUA Idunn

This indoor vitarium was named after Idunn, the Goddess of youth, whose name means “Renewer”. Regular sessions in saunas and infrared cabins help you to restore your youthful appearance and boost healthy skin. Through its open appearance it links the infrared cabin experience together with the bathroom and creates a spacious feeling. INUA Idunn harmonises the combination of elegant design and technology. We invite you to experience both: a traditional Finnish sauna at a slightly higher temperature and an infrared sauna on milder temperatures.


  • Indoor vitarium designed for two persons.
  • Combined cabin: sauna + infrared cabin.
  • Size: 220cm x 170cm x 210cm.
  • Tulikivi Huurre electric sauna heater for home use.
  • 6 Dr. Fischer VITAE infrared halogen lamps.
  • Harvia Xenio control unit with a touch control panel.
  • Outside and inside panelling: Finnish trembling aspen wainscot.
  • Customisation in design and functionality is possible.
  • Installation is carried out by our trained staff.

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