This indoor INUA vitarium was named after Elli, the personification of old age in the Norse mythology. Elli surprisingly won against Thor a wrestling match and is considered as one of the strongest goddesses. INUA Elli with its compact dimensions is a cabin that will surprise you. On just a minimum of floor space INUA has created a vitarium which can be equipped for both infrared cabin and salt room. If requested, also a sauna heater can be integrated. INUA Eir is compact enough to fit into any bathroom. With it ingenious, space saving design it offers unique therapy options for relaxing and rejuvenating.


  • Indoor sauna designed for one person.
  • Combined cabin: infrared + salt cabin.
  • Size: 126cm x 111cm x 205cm.
  • 4 Dr. Fischer VITAE infrared halogen lamps.
  • Harvia Xenio control unit with a touch control panel.
  • Integrated rock salt wall.
  • Option for integrated ultrasonic brine nebulizer from Collaxx.
  • Option for integrated electric sauna heater.
  • Inside and outside panelling: Finnish trembling aspen.
  • Available in sizes for two (166cm x 111cm x 205cm) or four (196cm x 111cm x 205cm) persons.
  • Self installation is possible thanks to pre-fabricated modules.

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